Air Pro 2

Revolutionizing Your Hair Style Game!

Hair Styler and Hair Dryer All in One Solution.

Expensive hairstyling salons are now a thing in the past. With Luxx Air Pro™ Set, you can have a professional hairdo anytime you want, minus the cost!

Luxx Air Pro™ Set is your all-in-one hair styler, giving you the chance to flaunt a flawless hairstyle without causing any extreme heat damage. In addition, our air pro hairdryer and styler comes with a set of easy-to-use pre-styling, curling, smoothing, and volumizing tools, giving you the freedom to style your hair any way you like!

So, now is the time you get your salon-style hair at home with Luxx Air Pro Set and rock it all day, every day! 

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Amazing tools
I don't usually curl my hair often but I have to say that the Luxx hair wrap is amazing
Never thought it would work
I tried my cousin Luxx Air Pro 2. At first, I thought this hair wrap curler is just an ordinary hair dryer but It's not!
Now I'm waiting for mine to arrive :D
Saw it on Tiktok
I saw Luxx Air Pro on Tiktok. I've been using it and I'm just amazed at how their air curler works (Not sure what they called it).
Just got it recently
I have to admit that this hair wrap complete set is doing far beyond my expectation. It would be better if there's a proper manual.
Insane quality
This hair wrap dryer is very insane for such a price. I brought this right away after I've tried it at my friend's place.
This hairdryer is amazing
This hair dryer is amazing!!! There is so much power in this lightweight, easy to hold hairdryer. It dries my hair so much faster than any other hair dryer I have ever owned and in a similar time frame as the Dyson. The only drawback to this hair dryer is that it is a smidge loud. However, the tradeoff is quickly drying hair, so I am more than okay with the noise level. This could be used as Dyson airwrap alternative
Worked well with damp hair
I love my airpro I received it as a gift from my husband and I love it.
I love that I don’t have to buy the long barrel separately as well. It really worked better when I use it when my hair’s not completely dry because my curls didn’t drop. Also, I must mention it takes time to get use to!
Amazing - everything in one
I love this product. It’s so easy to use and gives me great results every time. It’s not expensive as the airwrap too! Would recommend it.
Solid 4/5
Wish it came with the hair sectioning clips too, they had it in the first luxx air pro. My hair is super thick and the barrels pick up a very big section at a time. Love!!
So powerful
The air is much more powerful than what I expected! Worth the purchase
I want to buy airpro 2
I very like this
Would recommend
The Luxx Air Pro Styler was delivered before time and works.
Worth the wait.
Just received my replacement Air Pro after having to send the other one back because of it having a UK plug instead of a US plug. So happy with the results. It will take a while to be proficient with using it, but it gave my thin, fine hair so much more volume. Very Happy.
Hairstyle lasted for a week!!
I have not purchased this myself since it is out of stock for US plug, but I used my sister's and my curls held for 5 days!! I have thin, blonde hair. Obviously, they fell a bit but still look great. There's still volume in my hair. I brushed it and used some dry shampoo but the ends still look amazing.
tiktok made me buy it
Saw this on TikTok! I was skeptical at first, honestly. I received the product today, took about 5 days. I've only tried the curling rods and the round brush so far and the curls stayed well. Can't wait to try all the attachments
Love that it can dry and curl my hair at the same time
The dryer is WAY MORE powerful than what I expected. It comes in really nice packaging and a leather box. The customer support was responsive and overall it's been a nice experience with them.
Worth the wait!!!
The shipping took pretty long (I know mine's pre-ordered), but it was worth the wait!! I love how the curls turned out and it could pick up my thick hair. 10/10 for the product!
Fast drying
Nice tool – makes beautiful waves and curls in my hair FAST without drying it out. I'd say it’s suitable for ladies with all hair types.
Had to wait!!!
Just received the product. It works fine but mine was taking toooo long to arrive. They said it was a pre-order. Didn't expect it to sold out so fast :(
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